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Welcome to our Free Android Tutorials For Android App Development . You can create an Android App using Java XML programming language.

Programmimg experience, although useful, is not required to learn app development with Java XML. Follow our easy 'Beginner Tutorials', and you will learn the simple components, and layout designs, for creating complete apps.

Once you create your apps, you can customize them with your own creativity and coding skill.

All the apps you develop are yours to keep, and you can install and uninstall them from your android smartphone - tablet as you like.

The tutorials follow an 'Easy Learning Curve', and include the required graphics and 'Copy and Paste' code for each tutorial. They are best learned as presented; however, if you have some android coding knowledge, you may want to view the tutorials(code examples) by 'Task'.

There are five sections of our tutorials, and the tutorials in each section cover a specific topic or coding class. Each tutorial begins with the 'app topic,' with step by step instruction to complete and integrate the code. Some tutorials continue coding from a previous tutorial. And, in some tutorials there is no coding only information is presented(Tutorials V).

You will need a smartphone or tablet to code with the mobile environment(AIDE), or a desktop computer to code with the desktop environment(Android Studio). Read more about coding environments at the introduction article.

You can code for Free with both environments; although for mobile I would recommend upgrading to the paid version to eliminate the nag screens in AIDE.

You can access all the tutorials from this page. Before you begin them, do read the Beginner Article, and the introduction article About Our Tutorials - Coding Android

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Learning the App
Code Pages
Beginners Article
About Our Tutorials

Coding androidmanifest.xml
Coding main.xml
Coding strings.xml
Coding drawables


Learning To Code
Create A Simple
Android App

Change App Icon

Add Text and Style

Add Buttons To App

Positioning Text
using Gravity
Same Tutorial

Change View
Background Color
Same Tutorial

Change Screen
Same Tutorial

Add Image to
Activity View

Add Horizontal
Scroll View

Add a Frame Layout

How to Add a Theme
To Your App

How To Code
a Customized Style

Code a
Toast Message

Coding Resource

Code Examples
by Task


Adding Features,
Android Example,
Buttons With onClick

Coding Shape
Drawable - Lines

Coding A WebView

Coding A Timed
Screen Splash

Coding A Gradient

Coding a Weighted Fragment

ListView Fragment

Coding a
Tabbed Fragment

Share Intent
for Text

Share Intent
for Images

Android, Media Player
with Audio

Video Player

Localize Your App
World Languages

Coding a
Simple ListView

ListView with
Toast Message

Android Sliding

Sliding Drawer
with ListView

Java/ XML

Material Design - Animators - Animation - App Interface Design

Material Design

What is Material

Coding a Material
Design Theme

Coding a Layer List
With Elevation

Android, Shape Drawables
Elevate - Rotate

Scrollable Elevated
Topic Cards

Photo Containers
With Shadowed

Simple CardView

Animators - Animation

View Animator
with Photo Array

View Animator
With Views

Simple Frame

Frame Animation
With Buttons

View Animation
Rotate, Scale,

Android Interpolators
with Spinner

Interface Design

Android, Coding an
AppBar Menu

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App Launch

Optimize Your App
Android App Launch
Mobile App Analytics
Mobile App Monetization
Mobile App Distribution - App Stores

Follow Us On Twitter

AIDE - for tablets
Android Studio
-for computers

Launching Your Android App
How To Be

Android App Libraries
What are they and how
to implement them

Best Coding Practices

Screen Density -
Coding Practices

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