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New Article April 2020

For your newly developed app, there are websites online that 'Review New Apps'. And, for newly developed apps submitted at certain app stores like Google and Amazon, you can buy app ratings, reviews, and downloads. On this page I have compiled a selection of websites that offer these services for mobile app developers.

Getting Your New App Reviewed

Although I searched for 'free app review websites', I found just as many offering free and paid app reviews.
Getting your new app reviewed can give your new app exposure and also may alert you to any performamce issues.

These are the website results from searches I did using a combination of sesrch terms for 'mobile app review websites'.

Free & Paid Reviews
Publishes reviews for mobile apps, web applications, and saas. Paid app reviews from $25.

The 'Smart Phone App Review website' has paid Reviews from $20- $200; featuring 24 hour to 3 day reviews.
Browse plans

The 'Launching Next' website has free and paid 'Get Your App Reviewed'.
For a 1 day review of your app - $49. Browse Launching Next website

AlternativeTo - A website where you can submit your app and it is reviewed by users. First, complete the simple signup or login with your social media account.
Browse Alternative To website

, Android, iOS, free and paid app reviews.

Apps400.com, app reviews, paid review at $30.

AppstoUse.com has Free app reviews.

Capterra.com, has Free app reviews.

Crunchbase.com, has Free and paid app reviews.

has Free app reviews

KillerStartUps.com, has Free app reviews.

MobileAppDaily.com, has Free app reviews.

Android-apps.com, has paid reviews at $49, and a Google app link is required.

ReviewTheApps.com, has paid reviews at $12.

Buying App Store Reviews, Ratings, Downloads

There are many online websites offering app reviews, ratings, and app downloads for purchase for your app store listing. These are the reviews you see at an app store with an apps' profile. The rating is the stars given to an app; 1 - to 5 star rating being common at app stores like Amazon amd Google. Downloads, are also indicated with the apps' profile.

With a new app developed, it may be challenging to get those first downloads at an app store because your app does not have enough reviews or ratings to boost its' ranking, especially at app stores like Google Playstore. And, your only source of potential users is from 'searches'.

If you don't have your app title and description optimized with keywords specific to your app; searches may not get you the users you hoped for to 'download your app'.

The business of buying mobile app reviews, ratings, downloads, and ASO, was created based on the demand for such a service. It levels the app play stores, (no pun intended), by allowing 'newly published apps', to better their ranking in hopes of getting some of those users who otherwise would not consider their app because of its' lack of reviews, ratings, and download numbers.

In this section, I've compiled a list of websites who offer 'For Purchase; Reviews, Ratings, Downloads', and ASO. The websites are in no particular order.

These services are mostly for Free Apps at app stores.

RankApp.org has downloads for purchase
Pricing - plans for installs from $20 - $150.
$20 - 500 installs; one day delivery.
Rank App states that their installs are from 'real people around the world'.
Also provides ASO service- boost your position in search results. Pricing for keyword installs; $30 - $400.

Keenmobi.com offers both app reviews and installs for purchase. They provide for Android and iOS. And, they have paid ASO service to improve your app ranking at play store.
Pricing from $99 - $999 for reviews (installs incld); from $99 for installs.

Mopeak.com has app installs and reviews, for Android - iOS. Pricing:
$55 - $799, 15-400 reviews(incldes installs),
$95 - $800 1000-4000 installs includes google app link.

I Buy Fans, IBuyFans.com,
Android - iOS, Android $100 min 500 downloads, and buy 5 star reviews $25 10 reviews.

buy app reviews, has 5 mil app reviewers. 30,000 reviews daily. For Android, iOS.
Android prices at $150 - $1000, 50 - 500 reviews (includes installs).
also can buy installs packages Android, iOS from $150.

'Buy App Reviews Android' has
reviews, installs, and ASO.
From $5 -$185, reviews (installs included).
$5 plan includes 5 reviews no installs.
ASO plans from $99 - $359.

App Reviews.org has app reviews from $50 - $350 (includes installs), and also offers ASO for iOS.

At BuyInstall.net you can Buy Downloads(installs), Stars, Reviews
, and buy individually 6 cents per and, purchase packages from $7 for downloads.

Platforms - Android, iOS.
Installs from $50 Reviews - $14- $1400 (includes installs)
also offers ASO from $160

AppReviews.ninja Buy 5 star rating from $99.

AppPromotion.net has:
Platforms - Android, iOS,

reviews (from $40) & installs (from $100)

Android & iOS from
$50 25 reviews (includes installs) $60 includes custom text
also offers Ratings from $40 25 ratings
also offers installs from $100 (500 installs)

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