Code Examples by Task, Android Java XML

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Coding Tasks

Android Java XML Apps Created On A Tablet

From this page you can browse: android 'Coding by Tasks';complete example codes from our Android Java/XML tutorials.

All coding is Java XML. Each tutorial page has a 'Examples Code Section', for free android code examples you can copy/paste to use in your Android app.
With these example codes you can make a Functional App on your tablet or cell phone.

We made the apps on a Tablet (with android versions 4 and version 6); using the AIDE coding environment. You can use these codes on Android versions 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.
AIDE is for coding on android devices.
Each App we created was installed on the same tablet and also on a cell phone with android version 6.
For info on using AIDE, to create apps on your android tablet. GoTo: Beginner Tutorials for Making An Android App

The code examples(java,xml) can also be used in Android Studio using(java/xml) language, to make an app. Android Studio is for coding on your desktop computer.

For detailed info on a particular coding task, read the complete tutorial.

We also have 'Android Articles' on various coding classes and functionalities. Each article has Java XML 'code snippets' that can be used as code in your apps. Just copy and paste.

Icon App Android

Complete codes for making Android Java/xml Apps

Create a Simple Android App

Change App Icon

Add Text and Style

Add Buttons To App

Placing Text in Buttons

Change View Background Color

Change Screen Orientation

Add Image to Activity View

How to Add 'Horizontal Scroll View', with images

How to Add a Frame Layout, with TextViews

Android, Add A Theme To Your App

How to Code a Customized Style

Code a Toast Message - Android App

How To Add A Shape Drawable Line To Your App

Using a WebView For App Links

How To Code a Timed Screen Splash

How To Code Gradient Drawables

How To Implement Fragments

How To Add A ListView Fragment

Coding a Tabbed Fragment

Coding a Share Intent for Text

Coding a Share Intent for Images

Android Media Player with Audio

Coding Video Player Android App

How To Add Support For World Languages

Android Tutorial, Coding a Simple ListView

How To Code Android, ListView with Toast Message

Coding a Sliding Drawer

Coding a Sliding Drawer with ListView

What is Android Material Design

How To Code A Material Theme

How To Code Elevated LayerList, Android

How To Rotate and Elevate Shape Drawables

Android Scrollable Topic Cards

Photo Containers with Shadowed Info Container

Coding a CardView, Android Material Design

How To Code a View Animator, With Array

How to Code a View Animator, With Views

Coding a Simple Frame Animation

Frame Animation With Start-Stop Buttons

View Animation - Rotate, Scale, Translate

Android Interpolators with Spinner

Android AppBar ToolBar Design

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