Android Apps Free To Download and Use

These free android apps can be downloaded and installed on your cell phone or tablet. The apps were developed using the Java/XML programming language. All the android Java/XML code classes used to make these apps are taught in our free android app tutorials.

We used the AIDE application to make the apps. AIDE is a mobile coding environment for developing android apps. AIDE is compatible with tablets and cell phones running android os.

You can easily download and install any of these android apps. To install apps on your device from websites, or social media websites, you must enable the setting
'Allow Third Party Apps to be installed on your device'.
GoTo your cell phone or tablet Settings to enable this.

These apps are compatible from android version 4. They were installed/tested on a tablet with android 4.2 and also a smart phone running android version 6.
They are compatible with all versions of Android including version 9, and screen sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.


To Download/Install Any App on this page:
Click the App Icon For the App You Want to Install;

Save The File To Your Android Tablet or SmartPhone
Double Click the apk file name to install.

Newer Android devices Install is automatic as soon as you SAVE the file
To OPEN THE APP - goto your device apps;
Look for the OMOU, YOMU or SHIRU, or SPARKLING and WHITES icon, double click on the icon to open your app.

Learn Japanese 'OnTheGo'

Learn to Speak and Write Japanese Easily With our Free Japanese Apps

Available for Download

In this app, OMOU, you will read some common English verbs translated to Japanese Present Tense informal, and learn how to conjugate them to Past Tense Informal. And, learn how to write the verbs in Hiragana, one of the three Japanese alphabets. Also, learn some basic Japanese grammar rules.

This app is best viewed in horizontal mode, but can be viewed in vertical mode. This app uses a Horizontal Scrollview with textual images.

Available For Download

This app, YOMU, teaches you additional verbs in Japanese for Present Tense informal and how to conjugate them to Past Tense Informal, Negative Form, and Past Tense Negative Form. Included is some example sentences for easy learning of the verb tenses. Available for Download And, an introduction to Japanese Personal Pronouns, and how to use some common Particles in Japanese sentences, also with some examples. Also included some basic grammar rules.

This app can be viewed in vertical (best for smaller screen sizes) and horizontal mode. This app uses a Horizontal Scrollview with textual images and a Vertical Scrollview.

Available for Download

In this app, SHIRU, commonly used everyday English words, nouns, pronouns, and verbs are translated into Japanese and example simple sentences are provided for easy learning. Additional Particles are introduced, as well as Demonstrative Pronouns, both with example sentences. Also learn numbers and colors in Japanese.

This app is best viewed in vertical mode, and can also be viewed in horizontal mode. This app uses a ListView with 2 Sliding Drawers.

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Free Android Wine App

This wine app is available for download to your android device. It is compatible from android version 4. It is entirely free to use.

'Sparkling and Whites' - Popular White and Sparkling Wines

Sparkling and Whites App Icon
Available for Download

This wine app provides a good introduction to white wines; including - Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Moscato, Riesling, Pinot Grigio, Chenin Blanc. White Sparkling and Champagne wines are also included.

There's a character summary of each wine varietal so you can learn about the different grapes; their wine style, and be better informed when buying wine.

Browse wine listings for each varietal including flavours, aromas, food pairing. Wines are categorized by country and price, with many value priced wines at $12-$25.

Wine temperature is important when serving wine. This app provides details for proper wine serving for all wines.

Also learn about new and old world wine regions, the wine making process, and wine bottle labelling.

This app best viewed in vertical mode. This app uses a Tabbed Fragment View.

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