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What is a ScrollView

A scrollview is a code class property that allows for extended scrolling that would exceed the screen's physical display view. The user can scroll to view more items; like text or photos.

ScrollView supports scrolling vertically, while HorizontalScrollView supports horizontal scrolling.

Types of ScrollView for Android Apps

Scroll view can be added to a Linear Layout of the View class. It can also be added to a TextView, although TextView, of itself, does not require a ScrollView. However, adding one will allow for more vertical scrolling outside the screen's physical view.
It does not have to be added to ListView or a GridView either, because these classes have their own scroll functionality.

ScrollView API

ScrollView was added in API 1; therefore you don't need any additional support libraries added to your code.
Read about APIs and Android version compatibility

This is code for including a ScrollView element into a Linear Layout.

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