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App Stats

1 Million Android Devices Activated Each Day

According to; App Stats for Apps on Google Play;
the app's getting the most downloads are those with a rating of 2.5 - 4.5

Currently, there are 3.2 million apps on Google Play, the largest Android App Marketplace; where each month 90,000 new apps are added and users' downloads have reached 1.5 billion. At the Amazon Market Place, Apps total almost 600,000, and at the Windows store, apps total is 660,000.


How To Submit Your App To Amazon Appstore Amazon Appstore

With a total of 50 Billion downloads at Google play and counting; Android is surpassing all its' competitors; and with good reason, the vast majority of Android Apps are free to download and use. All Apps can be searched by keywords; and are categorized. Additionally; Google Apps can also be found in:

Staff Picks (Featured)
Editor's Choice
Top Paid
Top Free
Top New Free
Top New Paid
Top Grossing
Best Selling Games

This is a great place to observe how Apps similar to yours are rated, reviewed; and how Developers have presented their Apps: especially for graphics, writeups, updated versions. And, if they have modulized their Apps.


The #1 marketing strategy for your android app should be its REVIEWS - RATING.

Good Reviews Can Improve Search Ranking and Downloads

At Google Play, Reviews and Ratings from your Users is crucial:

Good Reviews can be used for your App's Sales Pitch;
Good Reviews and Ratings will Convince potential users to download your App;
Every Review given helps your Search Ranking:

It's also imperative that you comment or reply to users reviews.

The Google guide says that a User may only rate - review an app one time; however, they can rewrite that review and rating at anytime. So, if a user leaves a mediocre review and rating of your app; you can reply - resolve their uncertainty about your app and in doing so; you help your app rating. You can also rewrite your reply to their review as often as you like.

The Google Play Developer Console provides for many analytics for the ratings and reviews of your App .

Icon App Android


Images Create the first Impression of your App to Users; so Make Them Compelling.

Make a well designed, unique Icon for your app.
Also, provide a 512x512 pixel version image of your app's icon. This is the app launcher icon. Icon Design Guides This is the icon seen on Google Play when users are searching apps. This will get users to your Apps' listing page; where you can add a few in-app screenshot images of your app to showcase its design and functionality.

Do include at least one screenshot image of your app on a tablet or cellphone; whatever your app supports; and include this information, in the description, and any promo campaigns.

Do include a Feature Image for your App. If Google Play features your App this image is shown across their network - image size 1024x500. Also, Google guidelines recommends using vivid colors as the background, and short text.

Free and Paid Images/Icons can be found at: -paid ones are from $1, scalable, can buy individually;; Signup For Their Free Account, for making infographics with free categorized icons;
Code Canyon; Paid Images from $1 - can buy individually

Write a Great Description

Title - Description - Promo Text

The Title is short (30 char) so make the wording strong. Include a keyword in title because:

It Is Searchable.

You may want to use keywords only and omit your app's name here; especially if your App Name doesn't include a keyword.

A well written description (4000 char) can lead to more downloads of your app. At Google Play, the App Description is searchable; so optimize with several keywords - phrases, at the beginning of the description text. The first 160 characters are searchable; and the most important for your Apps Ranking; so

choose keywords most relevant to your App.

Keep your writeup informative, simple. Include your Apps' functionalities; its best features.

Review top downloaded similar Apps at Google, Amazon; to see how they worded their description, what keywords they included, where they placed them, and, how they arranged their writeup.

The Promo Text is 80 characters; word it with keywords and a catchy relevant phrase.

Link To Your Website

In addition to your Google Product Listing page, you can also have a Developer page, where you can add a link to your website; include a logo, and also feature any of your Apps.

Beta Test Your App

Find Your App's Flaws Before Your Users Do

Google Play has Beta testing for new Apps. You can choose this when first launching your App.

Beta App Testers are those who test new Apps and provide feedback only to you about any issues your App may have.

This can prove very helpful, especially if your App has complex components you have just implemented, or perhaps you want to add support for a new (country) language. Beta Testers from that country would be ideal for tweaking your App.

Unlike a Google Play User who can download and rate your App, Beta Testers cannot rate or review your App at the Google Play site.

Promotional Strategies

Advertise Your App At Social Media

Social Media, the best FREE Marketing Tool there is.

Do include Twitter, Facebook - Provide great copy, (text writeup) about your app - include a link(url) to your Google Play App Page or Developer Page in your Social Profile.

When Posting; in your Link, use text - keywords relevant to your Apps' Topic, Theme.
Mention the Freebie word- include your App's best features- functionalities - usefulness. Create an infographic to showcase your App; include ratings, reviews.

For Twitter, post several times a day; Twitter also has: Twitter Paid Mobile App Promotion
At Facebook one or two postings is recommended.

Get Reviewed

Critique it Tweak It!

Submitting your app to Review Sites not only provides free promotion; it also gets your App critiqued, thus allowing you to tweak it; if need be, before distributing it to the large App Market Places like Google and Amazon.

App The World - Include Additional Languages

Localize Your App To Users Around The World

Although you may initially launch your App in English; adding additional languages should be considered.

Users from mega-population countries like: Japan, China(free Apps only) Korea, India, Brazil, and Russia; are now downloading android apps on their smartphones; (and tablets) so updating your App with Language Support for some or all of these countries is recommended.

There are many free online translation services; the popular Google and Bing, offer free common-words translation services. Depending on the wording/phrases used in your App, the free translate-yourself services may be sufficient.

However, as Google has stated: Short worded phrases - sentences are commonplace in Apps; therefore the context may not be propertly translated with the free machine translations. With Google's paid service, a native speaker does the translating; therefore more accuracy in meaning may result.
Like Bing, and Google; many online translation service offer both free and paid Language translations.

When you do translate; remember to include translated versions of your product listing images, App description, and, include translated text for your user support and feedback.

Android Tutorial with Example Code- How To Add Support For World Languages


You Can Make Money With A Free App

On Google, and Amazon, as well as most market places, you can make your App Paid or Free. Before you decide to go with a Paid App you should consider the stats;

3.2 million apps at Google Play,
3.18 million are Free (freemium);
only 200,000 are Paid.
Why is this?

Probably because we all like FREE. And, at Google Play, if you do submit your App as a Paid one, you cannot change it to Free; you would have to submit an entirely new App as Free.

Freemium is the most popular App Monetization Method:

You can submit your App as a Free App;(aka lite version) and,

you can add Advertising,(like Google's AdMob or another android Ad Network-(View all ad networks here)

you can have in-app purchases; like offering a Pro Version (access to more content, features, functionality), and additionally,

you can have a NO ADS version, for a cost;

You can add all of these to your Free App; or some of them; with Google's In-App Billing for App monetization.

And, do read Google's App Guidelines dollar amount limits per country.

You can learn to develop Android Apps. With the many free online resources available: coding environments-(Android Studio for desktop)(AIDE for tablets), developer guides(android developer),and free learning websites(tutorials); Android App Making, has become more accessible and popular for novice programmers, business websites, personal websites, and casual surfers.


How To Submit Your App To Amazon Appstore Amazon Appstore

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