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Mobile App Analytics is an important component of mobile app development as it allows the developer to get insights into how their app is doing once it is distributed to the various app store markets.

Developers who also own their own domain(s) may also choose to have their apps available for download on their own websites and on social media platforms. A business website may use a freelance mobile app developer or mobile app development company to build an app for their business. They too would want to see how their app is performing once it goes live to the markets.

For any of these situations, Mobile App Analytics Services can provide statistical data on the app's user base, the app device itself, on marketing metrics, and provide useful tools to engage, and re-engage app users.

In this tutorial article, we will list a variety of analytical services which will provide you with a good selection of the most used metrics in Mobile App Analytics. You can view the features of each Analytics service, their specialized feature(s), and also if they offer a free version which many of them do.

It's not likely that any one Analytical Service will encompass all the features and data points currently being offered for mobile app developers; however, it is not uncommon for a developer to use more than one service in order to get comprehensive metrics for their mobile app(s) projects.

amplitude analytics for mobile


Amplitude's analytical service includes: core analytics, product analysis, user behavioral reports, predictive analytics, advanced collaboration tools, customer user permissions and roles, advanced data governance, a suite of APIs and SDK integrations, custom dashboards, behaviorial cohorting, funnels and conversions, retention, self serve tutorials.

Provides tools to analyze both mobile apps and websites.
Supports several platforms including: android, IOS, JS, Unity.

Offers both Free and Paid plans.
The free plan is free forever and no credit card required to register for the free plan. The free Amplitude plan includes 10 million user actions per month, unlimited data history, and, all the core analytical reports are included.

SDK Integration is included for all platforms supported with detailed documentation and copy and paste codes available to put into your mobile app or website code.

To signup for the Amplitude Free plan, fill in your email and create a password.
Once logged in you are first in the Demo Mode, whereby you can browse the various categories of analytics; viewing charts and graphs for the sample business.

Then when you want to add your first project (app) just click on the Start Setting Up button at the top of page menu. Then you are sent an email to the email you used to signup with. Copy the link from the email and paste into your browser to confirm and activate your account.

Now you can click the Create Your Project. This button is also at top of page menu.
Answer the questions asked and then you can begin your new app project.

In order to view your Analytical data, you must install their code into your app. This is known as the SDK integration.

Next you must add the SDK to your app for the project you create.
Once you do that, you can view your dashboard and view your app's stats, which are available once your app gets downloaded(installed on a device).

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kumulos analytics for mobile


Kumulos Analytical Service includes: app performance metrics, app user metrics including user downloads and sessions tracking, ASO - track keyword(s) ranking vs competitors, push notification service with notifications based on user events in app. They also offer custom branding, and you can send out invites to clients to view their app reports. This would be ideal for an app development company or freelance developer who has several clients.

They have support for the IOS and Android platforms.

In addition to their paid plans, they offer a free plan for 30 days with no credit card required to sign up. The free plan includes all features, and for 25 apps.

You can read their SDK integration guide and look at the included image samples to implement their code into your app.

To signup for the Free Analytics Plan at Kumulos, fill in your email and create a password. Once logged in you will see a console with the available metrics. Just click on the one you want to use. You have 30 days free to try all the metrics. Once the trial has expired you will be asked for your credit card for each feature you want to use. At Kumulos, you only pay for the feature if you use it. That's why you'll see the buy button on each individually shown metric.

app annie analytics for mobile


App Annie has both a desktop version and mobile app version you can use. Just follow the link from their website to download their App Annie app.

Their Analytical Service includes: app downloads, sessions, active users, compare usage data for all your apps, revenue from Google Play and Amazon.

Intelligence data includes - compare apps submit apps to compare, identify top apps with details, top publishers, specific apps by downloads and revenue, top apps by usage, retention rates for an app, app rankings by country, top apps for specific keywords, top advertisers, comparing top apps by keywords, comparing ad revenues and ad revenue and expense data for all ad platforms.

With their app search features you can search 8 million apps. Also, from your dashboard, you can create teams and share data to those you work with.

They have support for android, IOS platforms.

Their free plan known as App Annie Connect Free includes data for your connected apps including downloads, sessions, active users, and advertising data from Google and Amazon. You can also view all apps by categories of Apps, Games, Family, and top charts by country.

Their paid plan - App Annie Intelligence - is a subscription based service, and includes the App Annie Connect and the App Annie Intelligence data.

You can connect your apps in their dashboard for Google Play store, Amazon App store, and Apple App store by filling in your login info for those app stores.

And, you can connect your advertising platforms including Ad Buddiz, Admob, inMobi, ChartBoost, Facebook, SearchAds, Fyber Advertiser, Vungle, Yahoo Flurry Publisher, LeadBolt Publisher, Nend Publisher, Mobvista Publisher, and NativeX Publisher.

App Annie is available in 7 languages.

To signup for the App Annie Free Analytical Plan fill in your email and create a password. Then confirm your email by clicking in the email they send.

Once logged in you can browse you dashboard and the available metrics. First you can connect your apps if you have any with Google, Amazon or Apple app stores.
To do so, just login to Google, Amazon or Apple App store from your App Annie dashboard.

Once your account(s) is connected with App Annie you can view your downloads stats and data within your App Annie dashboard.

kochava attribution and app analytics


Kochava tracks attribution and analytics for your mobile apps and websites. Their basic analytics include attribution, session tracking, downloads, fraud list, user activity, track user events.

Their paid plan includes intelligence analytics, advanced attribution, data retention, alert session tracking, engagement, media cost and ROI, track marketing campaigns, and smartlinks.

Kochava also has 'influencer reports', which gives info on 'return on ad spend', and provides insights into sources that drive traffic and sources that create events and installs. And, push notifications are offered as well with the firebase cloud messaging. You can also download and read their free ebook on mobile attribution.

Many platforms are supported including: IOS, Android, Windows and WebSDK, Unity, Xamarin.

Kochava has over 4000 network and publisher integrations including Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, Google and Amazon.

The free plan includes the core analytics with 90 days of data retention. The paid plan offers a more comprehensive analytics, including specialty reports to get insights into your user behavior and marketing campaigns. The paid plan also allows for a web SDK.

The Kochava SDK integration is 'lightweight' and 'easy to install'. They state you can install it into your code in 5 minutes. Read the detailed guide to add the SDK to your app project code. Basically you need to:
code your API target as 14 in the manifest
and, code the internet permission in your manifest.xml file.

And, then, and only if you have app(s) on Google Play, you must add two codes for Google Play App Store.

Once that is completed, you need only activate (start) the Kochava code by adding few lines of code to your java class file - onCreate method. The codes can be copied and pasted into your app project.

To signup for the Kochava Free Plan, click the link at the bottom of their page; 'Pricing' or 'Free App Analytics'. Either will lead to the signup form for the free analytics.

Fill in the signup form with your name, address, phone, and website url and company name, read the terms and conditions that follow. If you don't have a company name you can use your website name as the company name.

Next, they will send you an email with your temporary password and the link to click to login to your free Kochava app analytics account. The sign-in form is on the right top side of page in the drop-down menu. Once logged in, you can view your dashboard/console, and the metrics features list from left side menu.

To add your first app, click on Apps/Assets from left menu; then add your app name, platform, and choose if it is now Live; Yes,No(at an app store). If Yes, give app ID, and url from the app store. Then, choose Save to add your first app.

Next, follow the steps to integrate your SDK, and then create your first install campaign.
Once the SDK is added to your app code, you can login to Kochava and view your app's analytical data.

mixpanel analytics for mobile apps


Mixpanel Analytics lets you track your mobile app users for insights, events, cohorts, funnels, retention. You can use their app monitoring and alerts features and create custom dashboards(for mobile, web, TV, email) for your app projects. You can track events from anywhere in your app with just a simple line of code.

They support the Android, IOS, and Web platforms.

The free plan includes monthly tracking for 1000 users, 5 accounts for employees, with 90 day retention of data. Included is funnels, cohorts, formulas, user behavior reports, user retention and the automatic monitoring and alerts.

With the paid plans you can use their SDK for web and get analytics for your website(s). Also with the paid plans - product metrics, timed messaging - using email, SMS, Push, and in app notifications, A/B tests, campaigns, data governance, and analyze user behavior in engagement, conversion and retention.

SDK integration is implemented by adding code to your app's coded pages. First, add the required SDK code to the build gradle file and the manifest file in your app project. You must also add your app token number for each app you want to add. The token number is found in your account which gives a unique token number for each app you add.

A detailed guide is shown for the SDK integration. Once your coding has been completed, you need only add the 'event tracker code' to each page in your app you want analytics for.

To read the documentation on the Android, IOS, and Web integrations, click the small icon 'Help button' at bottom of the page, the click the 'Get Started Guide' icon, then choose 'implement tracking'. At the link - 'Developer Documentation', choose Android Platform, from the dropdown menu choices.

To signup for the Mixpanel Analytics Free Plan, just fill in your name, email and create a password. To initiate your analytics, first add an app project by creating your app name. Then create a dashboard for the app project. Add the required SDK code to your app's pages. You can then view your data for each app you add.

flurry analytics for mobile apps


Within your Flurry dashboard, you can track your users habits and app performance, track specific in app actions, filter data for demographics like; age, gender, location, language. Also 'real time' metrics to observe app user behavior. Revenue analytics - track your IAP. Crash analytics - track crashes, exceptions, errors in real time.

And, 'push notifications' with Flurry Push - send targeted messages to re-engage and retain your app users.

Unique to Flurry is 'Explorer' query tool - whereby you can test and validate hypotheses about your app user behavior for user journeys, user segments, and track conversion rates of users, track effectiveness of in app promotions across a specific user segment. Also build and execute queries for analysis of funnels, cohorts, and segments.

Supported is Android and IOS platforms with detailed developer guides.

Flurry Analytics is free to use and they also offer in app advertising you can use to monetize your app with their Yahoo Publishing.

For their SDK integration for Analytics, just a few lines of code is required at the build gradle file of your app, and then add code to the java class file to initiate their trackers for either Analytics or Publishing.

An API code is also added to the java class code. You can find this in your account for each app you add. Each app added has its own unique API code number. With Flurry, there is no need to add code to your manifest or pro guard files because they use the aar coding.

To signup for the Flurry Analytics Free Plan. Joining Flurry Analytics is simple: provide your name and email, and make a password for your account; they send you can email - just click the link in that email to activate your account with them.

Once logged in, you can add your first app. Click the left menu tool icon to manage your apps. Click on your added app name, to view the analytics for that app. Browse your Flurry dashboard to view all features you can use.

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