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Mobile App Stores - Distributing Your App

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Mobile App Stores

Distributing Your App

Kongregate is app stores mostly for games.

Appland is app store where you can upload your app for free.

Apple App Store is the app store for the IOS platform with more than 2 million apps. App submissions time frame is about 1 day. 180 billion downloads to date.

Samsung App Store by the manufacturer Samsung. They have android and windows mobile apps. Bada mobile.

LG Smart World App store for android on LG smart mobile devices and TVs.

Huawei by the manufacturer Huawei, for games and apps.

GetJar App Store from California, with 2 billion downloads, and almost 400,000 developers registered. Supported platforms include Android, IOS, and Windows Mobile. Apps are categorized, with new apps displayed on the front page of the website. Android has most apps here.

Free for developer to submit their apps and minimal requirements to publish them. Has in app advertising.

Opera Mobile Store supports Android, Java, IOS, and windows Mobile platforms. 300,000 apps and games. Popular apps are displayed on the website storefront. Also software.

Free to join and includes promotional tools for your app. In 230 countries, and developers can reach specific local markets.

Amazon Store has detailed submission guide for developers wanting to submit their apps. Support for Android, Windows. They have 400,000 apps.

Read additional info on submitting your app to Amazon App store

Aptoide At this app store you can create your own app storefront. Has 800,000 apps and 200,000 stores.

1Mobile has quality apps and publishing process. Apps variety, apps, games, videos. Has editior's choice category for top 50 apps.

AppBrain is a market browser market where you can find apps by searching rankings, and categories, including Hot, Popular,and Top Rated. They have 1 million apps and 50 million downloads. They also offer in app advertising for developers.

Google Play Store has over 3.5 million apps. Diverse selection of services and tools for developers to promote and monitor their apps. Cost to join is one time fee of $25. Apps are categorized by several categories, and searchable by keywords given by the developers description of their app.

In addition to the many English app stores, there are also app stores in China and some other non English speaking countries that developers may want to consider submitting their apps to. Here we list the more popular ones.

Tencent MyApp this app store currently has a 25% app market share in China. Has English version.

Mobile 360 is the next most popular app store with 15% of the app market in China.

SKT Store in Korea.

Xioami App Store 11% of app market in China.

Baidu Mobile Assistant from China, has 11% of app market users. Has English version.

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